Collaborative Family Law, for Divorce, Paternity, Child Custody, or the modification of existing orders can reduce the negative impact on children and community relationships and support of the family as a whole, by reducing the tension while the family changes into a new format and structure. Because they are transparent between the sides of the disagreement, Collaborative cases help temper the negative feelings and the sensation of fighting is lessened in the family and for the community that supports the family going through a transition.

Collaborative Family Law is a legal and recognized way to resolve divorce or family law issues with a team of trained professionals who help to reduce conflict while a family is going through divorce or custody arrangements and agreements using a transparent process (open information sharing between both sides) that removes the option of going to Court and having a Judge decide how your family will move forward. Many attorneys are trained as Collaborative Professionals and can help families move through difficult transitions with reduced conflict and hostility, and put the needs of the family and children first.

I have seen divorce and how it impacts families and communities every day and have for over 10 years, and believe Collaborative Family Law can be the answer for many families. Children of divorce and conflict suffer more than anyone realizes, and traditional divorce does nothing to protect children from the conflict. Collaborative Family is focused on insulating children from the conflict between their parents.

This 5-minute video shows what divorce is like for many children and why I am such an advocate for Collaborative resolutions. Please take 5 minutes to watch it if you are contemplating divorce.