The Association of Collaborative Professionals of Utah is working to advance the Collaborative Process around the State of Utah and we need your help! Our mission, with the help of My Collaborative Team, is to provide meaningful, dynamic, powerful and thought-provoking resources to help our members transform the way they practice. We can be the catalyst for change families in Utah deserve. 

The UACP is offering our members the opportunity to promote their expertise by being listed in our newsletter to Collaborative and family law professionals in Utah. You can be published in our newsletter as well by writing a blog! Writing a blog is a fantastic way to promote yourself as an expert in your field to both professionals and the general public. Please reply to this email with any blog submissions you may have.

Our newsletter is expanding all the time to include prospective client referral sources and future UACP members. We are asking all current members to share any contacts that you may have that we can use to expand our mailing list.

Most importantly, you can be a part of a movement that will spread the word and make Collaborative divorce the preferred process for families worldwide.